Student Gets Tamed


We think all piano teachers should dress like Cathy Heaven does here, in a tight skirt and sheer black pantyhose.

But snotty pigtailed student Cayla Lyons does not appreciate her good fortune at having such a gorgeous and commanding instructress in the art of musicianship. Cayla is naughty through and through; her rebellious resentment at having to take lessons tingles in every pore of her plaid-skirt, white-bloused, sneaker and knee-sock-clad young blonde body. But Miss Heaven will show Cayla who’s in charge, first via some spanking with a carpet beater, then clothespins on the nipples, and then by binding Cayla’s wrists with rope and making her kneel on the piano bench for further chastisement with the carpet beater–which is smacked on her bad girl bottom again, and also the handle of which is inserted into her mouth and shaved pussy. Humiliating involuntary cunnilingus of the teacher is also on the menu for the student. The next time, Cayla won’t be so reluctant to practice her scales! See for yourself in this fetish XXX video of Full HD lesbian bondage.

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