Double dick down in the sauna!


Have you ever been relaxing in the sauna and imagined what it would be like to get down in there?

Well your in luck today as Blonde haired DDF vixen Cathy, and our guys Frank and David volunteered to bring that fantasy to life! Watch as the 5’2″ sex bomb takes on the two studs in every which way, with no problem!
Cathy is just relaxing, though she’s feeling particularly kinda horny in her itsy bitsy skimpy little yellow bikini, rockin that hard body of hers. Frank and David come in and suddenly Cathy catches a glimpse of David’s meat and potatoes underneath his towel and her appetite gets the best of her. Before you know it, she’s got a mouth full of hot beef and her pussy is being stuffed from the rear. From that point on it’s a furious pace of double suckin, double fuckin, double penetration, cowgirl, reverse, anal fingering and everything in between! Cathy is unstoppable as she takes their fat dicks balls deep in her mouth, clean shaven puss, and gaping asshole. It’s amazing how the smallest girls are you usually the ones that can take double or triple kielbasas, no problem! At the end of nearly an hour of ferocious pussy and pooter pounding, Cathy gets showered with candy rain and basks fully satisfied in the heated sauna.

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