Cathy Heaven – Luscious Lingerie


Say your prayers all you like, but if you want to get into Cathy Heaven, get ready to get naughty.

This Hungarian hottie’s body is a paradise unto itself, from her big tits to her round ass. Let your eyes travel along her peaks and valleys, but remember that between her legs is the promised land. Cathy’s bush is a garden of Eden, and her asshole is a pervert’s Shangri-La. Cathy absolute loves a hard anal pounding, and when she gets it the way she likes, can squirt all the way up to the sky. Count your blessings and humble yourself, because only the most worthy of suitors can ever hope to slide between her pearly gates. Either that, or give her a pearl necklace of her own. With her insatiable love for sucking dick, a body toned from years of fitness training, and absolutely zero sexual inhibitions, Cathy really is a slice of heaven that you can taste right here at Reality Kings!

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