Lacy Sock Fest with Cathy Heaven

Cathy Heaven and newcomer Cayla Lyons have a little sock-fest today and you’re invited to bring along all your enthusiasm and erections!

Redheaded Cathy is in the pink lacy socks, and blonde Cayla is in the yellow, and the two girls clinch on a love seat. Cathy licks at Cayla’s toes through the lace fabric, and then the blonde takes down Cathy’s bra with her feet. Cayla worships Cathy’s size 6 peds, before Cathy starts peeling down Cayla’s socks so she can get at those tasty bare feet. Cathy licks and sucks Cayla’s tootsies passionately, and then Cayla returns the favor. The gals move back and forth between their feet, taking down their scanties as they do, so that we can enjoy the sight of their pussies as well as their soles and arches in their fetish XXX video. A purple toy comes into play and soon the babes are fucking their snatches with it, holding the vibe between their toes as they penetrate each other.

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